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Plzensky Bull is breeding station engaged in breeding of English bullterrier.

Dáma s bulíkem

Dáma s bulíkem

It was established in the year 1992 with bitch Deny Haro and later also with her daughter Berenike Plzensky Bull. During taking care of these bitches I learned and  recognized the most of that, what I know today about bullterier, especially my breeders experience. I faced out a lot of mistakes and breeders nonsensical myths and so I hope I am competent for expertly breeding puppies. Nevertheless I have to say that with every new  litter I obtain   some new experience, new surprise and I have to re-value everything, what I have already  known and ecspecially, what I  haven´t known yet.

The Puppies are bred inside in the flat during standard family life with 3 children, therefore I dare to declare that they are socialized and used to large spektrum of different noises, touchs and games. I try to teach the Pups from the age of 4 – 5. week  to go out and it means that in the moment of picking up by new owners they are already partly housebroken. The worse situation is, of course, with  puppies born in winter. So I expel parasites, vaccinate, clean little grimies thein mum, I also clean excrements and spots of urine, I don´t sleep and I drink litres of coffee, I Brother veterinarian with every bagatelle, I shout on children: to be quiet and not to play football just at the birth box, I cook, I cuts the nails, mend tattered trousers and I disinfect. But I also fonde with them, I tensely observe  which pup will open one´s eyes at first, which pup is gluttonous, which has the most attractive head, Chat about little teeth, which pup is a little devil and which is even and we are the best friends with their mummy.